How Sofa Spring got its name!

Many of you have been asking how we chose the name Sofa Spring!

Well, first off, we knew that when choosing a brand name, alliterations are great. This is where the same letter or sound occurs at the start of adjacent words, such as the SS in our name.

We also thought that an ssss sound was relaxing and comfortable – both feelings we wanted to encourage.

So we headed over to Dictionarypedia to look for some suitable words. It seemed obvious to begin with Sofa as that’s what we specialize in, and Dictionarypedia suggested lots of other s-words, including ‘snake’, ‘smoke’, and ‘stick’ – none of which created images of comfort and luxury. ‘Snack’ and ‘snooze’ were better, but still not right, then ‘spring’ popped up! It was perfect – beginning with S and associated with sofas!

So, that’s how we got our name! Sofa Spring!


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