A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Dye a Leather Couch

A leather couch is, arguably, one of the best household furniture as many people enjoy it not just for the premium look it adds to your home, but also for the top-quality comfort it offers. Although it is undeniable that leather couches tend to be costly, it’s possible to save some cash by buying an older model and dyeing it to make it look new again.

How do you dye a leather couch? Below is a guide on how you can dye an old leather sofa to make it look more appealing.

What Are the Things You Need?

Dyeing a leather couch may be done in various procedures using different materials. One of the many ways is using acetone to deep clean your leather couch. The following are the materials that you would need in this particular procedure:

  • Cloth or rag
  • Acetone
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge
  • Leather dye of the desired color
  • Leather finisher

Dyeing Your Leather Couch

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can dye your leather couch:

  • Prepare your leather couch

The first step is to prepare the piece of furniture that will be dyed. Remove the dirt and dust stuck on it with some soap and water, but make sure to not soak the leather. Just wipe off the couch with the soap and water mixture. Also, make sure that the place you are dyeing your couch is well-ventilated.

  • Deep clean your couch

Although you have cleaned the couch with the soap and water mixture, it is still not enough to thoroughly clean it. This is where using the acetone comes in. Using a cloth or rag, dip it in the acetone and rub it all over your leather couch to deep clean the entire thing.

  • Moisten the entire couch

After deep cleaning the couch, you would have to moisten it. As most people know, the moist leather is more absorbent for the dye than dry leather. Therefore, when dyeing leather, it is important to make sure that the leather is moist. To do this step, use the spray bottle and fill it with water, then spray some on the couch. Make sure that you don’t soak the leather with too much water, though.

  • Apply the leather dye

This is the most important part of the procedure. Keep in mind that you can’t use a lighter color on an originally dark-colored leather couch. Also, it would be best that you use the best-quality leather dye as the low-quality ones may provide you with only negative results and may also cause harm to your skin. That is why it is recommended that you use gloves when applying the leather dye for protection. Now, in applying the dye, apply it in small patches one at a time. Spray the water on an area to moisten it, then apply the dye. Make sure to evenly apply the dye on the leather through long and broad strokes.

  • Get rid of the excess dye then re-apply the dye as needed

With a piece of dry cloth, remove the dye stains on the couch after the first coating and let it dry for at least one hour. When it is completely dry, re-apply the dye for the number of coats desired to achieve the desired look. Let the dye dry in between each re-application.

  • Apply the leather finish

After letting the last coat completely dry, apply the leather finish for a shiny look and for protection. The leather finish helps your dye to last long. Using a clean cloth, soak it in water and then rub it on the couch for a clean finish.

Take a look at a video with detailed instructions below:

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