Float Away Your Stress With Our Guide To Zero Gravity Chairs

What is a Zero Gravity Chair

Let’s get this out of the way first – a zero gravity chair doesn’t actually defy gravity, and send you spinning through space in weightless slow motion – which, to be honest, is quite a good thing. However, what it does do is place you in a relaxed, lying back position akin to astronauts on lift off, when the gravitational pull is at its strongest.

NASA astronauts assume this position, which enables their bodies to withstand the sudden increase in gravity, as they leave the atmosphere and the earth’s gravitational pull. However, it’s been shown that lying completely flat on their backs can contribute to ongoing spinal issues, and this is where the zero gravity chair comes into its own.

Reclining zero gravity chairs effectively distribute your weight evenly across the entire chair, minimizing stress on muscles, joints and internal organs, putting you in a position of complete peace within your body. Physicians agree that this is the perfect position for good physical health. Eliminating the risks caused by poor circulation, such as varicose veins and edema, by effortlessly raising the legs above the level of the heart; it also eases pressure on the heart itself.

By minimizing the effects of gravity on the body, the chair can effectively ease the underlying problems that standing upright can cause. Many of us suffer from painful joints, or spinal issues, but the mere act of being in a vertical position can cause huge amounts of pressure on the vertebrae, and other joints without us even realizing, so being in this gentle reclined position can relieve that immediately. Relaxing with balanced, weightless posture can leave you, not only with less discomfort, but also feeling remarkably energized, and free from mental stress.

The medically recognized benefits of zero gravity are gradually becoming incorporated into our daily lives, and forward thinking business are starting to invest in innovative new desk designs that can be used whilst in a zero gravity chair, acknowledging that the resulting long term increase in productivity is worth the investment. Zero gravity flotation tanks, too, are appearing in health spas up and down the country, offering the ultimate in relaxation and stress management. Soon, we’ll all be enjoying the multiple benefits that zero gravity can bring.

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