How to Get The Dog Smell Out of the Couch

We all love our furry best friends, they are always by our side whether we are happy or sad, tired, or playful. Dogs are very lovable and we love almost everything about them except for the fact that they leave such a strong smell that just won’t get out of the couch. If you want to enjoy bonding with your dog by the couch but have a hard time removing the stink from your furniture then we have some tips for you.

Use removable and washable blankets and pillow covers

Prevention is better than cure, that is why you should cover your couch with a removable blanket and pillow covers so you can easily remove, wash and replace as needed. Regularly change everything and wash them well.

Vacuum with baking soda first

Before washing the covers make sure you vacuum them first. Vacuuming will help remove debris and dog hair that contribute to the smell of your couch. The best way to vacuum everything is to sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda on the surface of your couch and covers, let it sit overnight, and vacuum in the morning. The baking soda will also help deodorize the couch and your covers.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar spray

One effective spray for your couch is made of household items that are always in your pantry, vinegar, and baking soda. Just mix together a half cup of vinegar, a fourth of a cup of baking soda, and a cup of water. Spray onto your couch and let it dry then vacuum as usual.

Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils in different ways can effectively minimize the odor not just from your couch but also the whole room. You can use essential oils with your humidifier to deodorize and perfume the room. You can also mix essential oils with baking soda, water, and vinegar to create a deodorizing spray. Make sure your dog is staying somewhere else when you use this spray on your couch as they might not like the scent. After spraying your couch let it dry and vacuum.

Not all essential oils are animal friendly, before using make sure the oils that you are using are safe for your household pets.

Invest in upholstery cleaner or steamer

If your vacuum is not effective enough for cleaning your couch and removing your dog’s odor then you should consider getting an upholstery cleaner or steam cleaner. This is an economical option especially if you have several dogs in the house. Having an upholstery cleaner or steam cleaner will help you clean more efficiently and minimize the use and cost of chemical cleaners. A steamer also helps kill bacteria, viruses, and molds from your couch. You can save much more by having your own equipment rather than having your couch professionally cleaned.

Air out your sofa

Fresh air always helps with deodorizing upholstery, blankets, and pillows. Spread them out on a clean surface outdoors and let the air and sun do their thing. Letting your upholstery sit under the sun for a few hours will help kill the bacteria and remove odor.

If your soft furnishings could still do with a little TLC, check out our guide on how to clean your couch cushions.


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