Check out The Optimal Way to Soothe Your Baby with Our Guide to Glider Chairs

What is a Glider Chair?

With a smooth relaxing movement, glider chairs, also known as platform rockers, are similar to the ever-popular swing seat, but with the main body marginally suspended from the base stand, allowing a gentle back and forth swinging motion. This contemporary version of the traditional rocker is much safer for kids and pets as fingers and paws cannot get trapped.

Often found in the nursery, they are ideal for new parents, especially for assisting newborns to take milk, either from breast or bottle. The gentle movement soothes and relaxes them, actually slowing their heart rate, thus encouraging feeding or sleeping.

Frequently taken outdoors and onto the porch, with their smooth slide, rather than the up and down rock of the stereotypical porch rocker, they are understandably popular. Comfort is another reason for their increasing popularity.

Many models feature springs and heavily stuffed cushions, reminiscent of a traditional chair, which adds to their comfort level and appeal, especially with new parents, who may have to (or want to) remain seated for long periods of time.

What to look for when choosing a glider chair for your nursery

There are several factors to consider when looking for a glider as part of your nursery set up.

Armrests are a great feature to look for. Comfort for you and baby are one of the highest priorities, and being able to rest arms tired from holding your little one is a great help. The back should be solid and well padded for those times you need to relax back, or even doze in comfort.

Loose, washable covers are a must. Trying to feed baby, whilst worrying about getting the chair messy, isn’t going to help your stress levels. The security of knowing you can strip the cushions and throw the covers in the washing machine, eliminates the worry of spilled milk or worse.

It’s important to consider a chair with a locking mechanism. This enables you to lock the movement when you need to stand up, minimizing any risk of dropping your baby, or feeling dizzy and becoming unsteady.

Many gliders include an ottoman, or padded foot stool, and this can be a welcome addition when it comes to aching legs and feet. There’s nothing like sitting back, with baby in your arms and literally putting your feet up to make things seem better.

A glider chair, then, is a great piece of furniture to include when you’re excitedly planning your nursery layout, anticipating that magical moment of wonder when you return home with your precious new bundle.

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