What is a Motion Sofa?

A motion sofa sounds pretty far out, but it actually refers to a recliner sofa, or chair, or, less frequently, a lazy boy sofa.

These are becoming increasingly popular and for relaxation, they are the ultimate luxury. Allowing users to tilt the chair, or part of the sofa, back to their desired recline, whilst the legs are supported by an upholstered ‘shelf’, they are often purchased for the full-on home cinema experience.

Great for arthritis sufferers, or those with poor spinal health, the positions possible with a motion chair encourage muscle relaxation, and can even reduce inflammation, thus lessening discomfort.

What to Look for When Buying a Motion Sofa

Available in a range of fabrics and styles, the main thing to consider is the recliner type – manual or electric?

With the cheaper manual option, the handle should be easily accessible, and simple to use. Often it’s a pull-out action, and you can select the angle of the recline. The electric versions are pricier, but more popular, offering increased controllable in terms of where you’d like them to stop. Controlled via a remote unit, a little like a TV remote, they are considered to be superior, even though the speed of the recline action is slower than the manual models.

Another advantage of the electric over the manual is that they are far less effort to use if you have purchased a motion sofa to ease joint pain.

Optional Extras

Many motion sofas come with some impressive optional extras, including drinks holder, ideal for movie night, and pockets to hold the TV remote or the control for the sofa itself.

There are also features that can change the tilt, allowing the motion sofa to be placed right against a wall. In this setting a regular backwards recline is obviously impossible, so this version can swivel slightly, away from the wall, or tilt to the side. Some even move forward slightly, providing more space behind to accommodate the backward angle.

Other options involve various parts of the motion sofa reclining separately; for example, the headrest tilting independently, allowing for an increased level of personalization.

All of these factors contribute to the motion sofa’s rise in popularity, and with prices at an all time low, why not consider one for yourself?

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