What is a Sectional Sofa?

Comprised of separate modular units, sectional sofas are a godsend for the family home. Allowing completely personalized seating arrangements, that can instantly be reconfigured, to accommodate the changing needs of a modern household.

Styles and arrangement options vary, from left angled models, to versions with an inclusive pouf or footstool, and optional armrests. However, in all cases, each module can be used on its own, or added to more to create a bigger surface area.

Often displayed for sale in the typical L arrangement, they can just as easily be reformed in straight lines, square-shaped Cs, or two sections facing each other – in fact, anything you like. Most frequently offered with four to seven modular pieces, there are plenty around that are smaller or larger, however.

What’s The Different Between A Sectional And A Conventional Sofa?

Sectional sofas are, by necessity, much lighter in weight that the heavier conventional sofas, allowing them to be moved around by just one person. This also means that the days of maneuvering an awkward three-seater through doorways, and around corners are a thing of the past. Perfect for lofts and apartments, delivery, therefore is simple, as is moving house.

We love sectional sofas for their versatility and seating options – if you fancy giving your living room a facelift, simply shift the modules about, or if you want to sit and read in a quiet corner of the kitchen, pick up a section and off you go. Guests dropping by unexpectedly? Just move the units to form two opposite lines, pop the coffee table in between, and you have the ideal seating arrangement for friendly banter, over drinks.

What’s not to love about sectional sofas?

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