What is a Sleeper Sofa?

Offering extreme versatility, a stylish sleeper sofa, pull out, or couch bed, whatever you choose to call them are a must if you like socializing, have a big family, or are short on space. A comfy sofa by day, and by night a cozy, luxurious bed – what more do you want?

With a foldaway frame cunningly hidden in the base unit, underneath the cushions, that can be pulled out, simply and easily to reveal a bed, complete with mattress, sleeper sofas are an ingenious idea, that have been around in one form or another since the late 1800s. Designed originally for military use by Leonard C. Bailey, who also invented an aid to train shunting, and a hernia truss, and went on to establish the Capital Savings Bank of Washington D.C.

Over the years, sleeper sofas have transformed beyond recognition. The clunky frame, with a thin uncomfortable mattress, now offers the height of comfort in both its forms. There are a variety of mattress options, many models offering comfortable and increasingly popular memory foam, with or without an air, or foam filled topper for that superior touch. And rather than the old style metal frame, which in itself has become efficient, stylish and highly accessible, many use a durable kiln-dried hardwood frame as a continuation of the sofa frame.

The old style mechanisms for opening and closing the bed are now smooth, efficient and hard wearing, and with many models you don’t even have to remove the cushions, as they are attached to the mattress and convert to make a super cozy bed head. Equally, contemporary models frequently allow the option of leaving the bed linen in situ while the bed is folded away. This is great if you’re using it every night due to a lack of available space for both a bed and a sofa. Or if you have guests that refuse to leave!

Designing a room around a metamorphic sleeper sofa takes a little bit of thought, however with the variety of styles, colors and fabric available, you can match it to any decor. It’s a good idea to have bed linen stored nearby, if your model cannot remain made up, and a coffee table that can double as a bedside table is a must have. A stylish trunk coffee table could fulfill both purposes – handy storage, and a convenient surface for a nighttime drink, alarm clock and book.

If you are limited for space, and need to be a little ingenious with your furniture, this video has some great ideas:

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