What is an Accent Chair? Find Out Everything You Need To Know On How To Fit This Beauty Into Your Home!

Every living room needs a functional seating arrangement whatever look you’re aiming for. Traditionally this includes a comfy family sized sofa, and an arm chair or two, but what used to be a staple in most homes, the three-piece-suite collection is now far less popular, with buyers favoring a more stylish designer look instead. This contemporary approach to living room seating plans allows new ideas to flow, and as interiors move away from the traditional look, there’s a place saved for an accent chair.

Color schemes are becoming more daring, and although the eternally divisive magnolia paint still has its place, other shades are rapidly taking over, with yellows, blues, browns and deep creams being splashed on walls across the country. This allows for greater scope to play around with soft furnishing colors, and to complement the walls, a wide variety of shades are growing in popularity from the traditional greys, deep blues and browns, and why not?

Homes are the ideal backdrop to express your individuality, from color schemes to finishing touches, and contemporary styles allow you to get away with it like never before. Mix light brown walls with a daring red sofa, or yellow with teal blue or sea green, and this is where the accent chair comes into its own.

An accent chair can be any chair that is not only functional, but almost more importantly, enhances the look of the room, and especially the larger pieces of furniture, such as the sofa. It can do this by introducing a different style, color or interesting textural effect.

As with any chair, you need to consider how durable it needs to be – for example if you have kids or pets to worry about, and the size of the space available. Accent chairs can look great if set slightly apart from the other seating options in the room, and placed at an angle to the sofa. For example, with a classically styled deep blue sofa, try a gorgeous burnt orange, or animal print, modern design accent chair, or a grassy green sofa complemented by a stunning rich purple number. There are so many great design ideas using accent chairs – really, the sky’s the limit.

If you need some more ideas for incorporating an accent chair into your home, have a look here:

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