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Sink into Comfort With Our Favorite Low Couches of 2020

Low couches are ideal for transforming a small living space into something a bit more expansive. If your area is small, standard furniture can look too big and bulky, taking up more than its fair share of the room. Low couches are an answer to that problem. Smaller in length and height, your couch will suit any interior, especially with our range of colors and styles

Every single low couch recommended by Sofa Spring has been through a series of tests to determine which models are the best. Here are some questions we ask of each couch:

  • Is it ethically and responsibly produced?
  • Has it been well made to ensure durability for years to come?
  • Does it offer good value for money?
  • Does the seller have a high rating and an established reputation?
  • Are these pieces designed and styled to portray glamor and top-level design?

We test all of our couches with these factors in mind so that you can feel confident when making your purchase.

Here are our top 3 featured low couches this year:

1) Homelegance Faux Leather Low-Profile Sofa

Homelegance Faux Leather Low-Profile Sofa, 78" W, Black and White

Last updated on February 17, 2020 2:34 pm

2) Linen Convertible Futon

DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed with Linen Upholstery and Wood Legs - Grey

3) Tufted Low Back L-Shape Couch

Acanva Luxury Mid-Century Tufted Low Back Right Facing Sectional Sofa L-Shape Couch, Navy blue

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