Keeping it Plush – How to Clean a Suede Couch

A suede couch is naturally luxurious and can be sumptuously decadent or the height of contemporary chic, depending on the couch style; however, it can be tricky to clean, reacting against harsh chemicals. With a few tricks up your sleeve, however, cleaning a suede couch becomes easy, whether it’s a spot clean or a thorough deep-down cleanse.

Without resorting to chemicals or abrasive cleaning products, your suede couch can look as good as new.

How to Wash Suede

Some suede couches have loose, removable covers, and these can often be washed in the washing machine – although do check the instructions. Typically, a cold wash on the gentlest cycle is called for. Others require hand washing in cold water. In either case, make sure the covers are dried away from direct heat and are thoroughly dry before putting back on the couch.

How to Clean Suede

Often small spots can disappear with the gentle application of a suede brush, or an old toothbrush, on the area, but for more stubborn marks something tougher can be necessary.

A suede eraser can be purchased for very little money, and if rubbed gently, before using slightly more force, over the stain or mark, it very quickly disappears. You can use a pencil eraser instead, but we’ve found it worthwhile to look for a genuine suede eraser as we feel it’s more effective.

If you’ve suffered a spillage, immediately soak up any liquid with a paper towel, blotting up as much as possible, before dampening a clean cloth with a little vinegar. Rub this over the patch in an X-motion – rubbing in circles can force the stain deeper into the pile of the suede. Brush the nap in the right direction with a suede brush and leave to thoroughly air dry.

If the stain is older, use the same method but with a little rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth; however, if the stain is from ink, a proprietary window cleaning spray is perfect. Spray it directly onto the ink and wait a few seconds, then using a clean cloth or sponge, gently start to use a criss-cross movement to remove the ink. In a few short minutes, you should start noticing an improvement.

For bloodstains, mix up a little warm water with dishwashing soap, making sure you create lots of bubbles. Using a clean cloth, dip it in the bubbles, and gently wipe away at the stains. You may need to repeat this several times before it’s gone completely. Allow the sofa to air dry, before brushing the nap in the right direction.

For some more very effective couch cleaning hacks, watch this YouTube video:

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