What Color Couch Goes With Gray Walls?

What Color Couch Goes With Gray Walls?

It has been acknowledged for many years that colors can encourage certain emotions and moods within us. Advertisers have been making use of this theory by pushing us to choose particular brands over others, and it’s exactly the same with interior design. We use colors to encourage emotions – for example, yellow can increase appetite so would be a great color for a kitchen or dining room.

A gray color scheme can be a stunning and very elegant choice for a living room. It’s a well balanced color – neither too bright, nor too dark, and brings a touch of sophistication to any room. Depending on the particular shade of gray it can feel very formal with darker gray tones, but for a softer dove gray, with its hints of blue, it makes a room warm and welcoming, which is ideal for a living room.

What are complementary colors?

In order to bring a touch of WOW to your living room decor, it’s a great idea to play around with complementary colors. These are colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel, or color spectrum; for example, orange sits opposite a rich turquoise blue, and purple opposite yellow.

Every color is made up from a mix of other colors, starting with the original, or primary, colors of red, blue and yellow. The color’s placement on the wheel is based on how they would be mixed on an artist’s palette. Orange is a mix of red and yellow, whereas purple is made by mixing blue and red, so these shades determine their placement, and what would look great when placed next to them in a color scheme.

What is an accent color?

Interior designers often use what’s called an accent color to bring life into the color scheme in a room. If your main living room color is blue, for example, you want something to add interest to the multiple shades of blue, so looking at the color wheel, we can see that opposite the range of blues sits the yellow range. So, a yellow cushion placed on a blue sofa will not only look spectacular, but throws another psychological effect into the room.

Blue encourages feelings of well being, relaxation and calmness, and yellow, happy, positive emotions. So with the two combined, you can see how this is a very good color scheme.

What color of sofa will go well with my gray walls?

The colors black and white don’t appear on the color wheel because they aren’t part of the spectrum – think of a rainbow, there’s no black or white there. So we can imagine it placed in the center of the circle, meaning that black looks good with any color.

Gray, being a mix of black and white has the same advantage as black, and can be complemented by any other color. So if your walls are gray, you could choose any color of couch to bring a lively touch to the scheme. Red, yellow, or blue go beautifully with gray, but so do the other colors, and you really are spoiled for choice.

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