Bring Some Sunshine into Your Room with our Top 3 Yellow Couches In Jan, 2022

Yellow is a color that lends a sense of happiness and freshness to its surroundings. It brings energy, optimism and joy into your living room, making it an ideal choice for a couch, especially if you love entertaining.  Choose a gorgeous yellow chair or couch for a focal piece or go with a softer color to match your decorating ideas.

Complementing schemes that include blues, reds, creams or browns, our yellow couches have gone through a range of tests to determine their quality for inclusion in our recommendations. Our tests aim to analyze, amongst other things:

  • Durability – every couch must be supremely durable and built to last
  • Stain resistance – the fabric must provide a great level of stain resistance
  • Quality vs price – these must be balanced against each other
  • Delivery options – free delivery is a must, along with an efficient and hassle-free service
  • Fire retardancy – the couch must conform to the latest regulations

So, here are our winners for Jan, 2022, ready for you to look through!

1)Novogratz Beatrice Coil Convertible Sofa Bed


Novogratz 2373379N Beatrice Coil, Convertible Sofa Bed & Couch, Mustard Futon, Yellow
$429.41  in stock
as of January 25, 2022 9:29 pm

2) Memory Foam Velvet Futon Couch

A yellow couch does not have to be delicate and good only for the eyes. The Tallulah memory foam velvet couch in mustard yellow color from Novogratz can turn into a futon, which should be enough of a motivation for many to get it for their living room. The frame and legs are made of sturdy wood, the filling is high-density foam and memory foam, and the upholstery is velvet with button tufted arms and back. This convertible couch has a multi-functional design that makes it ideal for homes that regularly receive guests. You can recline the back to lounge and sleeping positions easily, making this couch the ultimate furniture for parties and sleepovers.

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Couch, Mustard Yellow Velvet Futon,
 in stock
10 new from $520.00
as of January 25, 2022 9:29 pm

3) Yellow Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch

For many, simplicity is best, and yellow can make even the simplest couches pop. This yellow velvet fabric sofa from JULYFOX is 71 inches of mid-century modern style with a 700 pound weight capacity. It has tailored lines and an emotionally positive style that uplifts the soul and embodies modern style and sophistication. This velvet couch is masterfully crafted with a sturdy internal frame, high density foam, and yellow velvet upholstery. It is then supported by six gold polished stainless steel legs, which holds a lot of weight and gives off a lot of visual impact. This velvet couch can serve as a perfect anchor for your modern interior in your loft or condo.

Yellow Velvet Fabric Sofa Couch,JULYFOX 71 inch Wide Mid Century Modern Living Room Couch 700lb Heavy Duty
$388.99  in stock
as of January 25, 2022 9:29 pm

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