Crisp and Clean – Take a Look at Our Top 3 White Couches of 2021

A white couch is a gloriously gorgeous addition to any living room, and with our contemporary fabrics, it’ll always look clean and pristine. Elegantly chic, white complements any other color with an independent, daring streak, unafraid to either blend quietly into the background scheme, or stand out and be proud.

Every single white couch has been through a series of tests to determine which possess the high quality necessary for inclusion in our list. Here are some questions we ask about each couch:

  • Is the fabric stain resistant and snag proof?
  • Has it been made to the highest standards possible to ensure its longevity?
  • Does it offer excellent value for money?
  • Does the seller have a high rating and a transparent, established reputation?
  • Are these pieces designed with aesthetic appeal uppermost?

At Sofa Spring, we pride ourselves on only featuring the best of the best, and because we’ve done the hard work, you can browse our white couches in complete confidence, so here’s our top 3 picks of Jan, 2022:

1) Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed Couch


Memory Foam Futon Sofa Bed Couch Sleeper Convertible Foldable Loveseat FULL Size
 out of stock
as of January 21, 2022 11:29 am

2) Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Couch


Convertible Sofa Bed Sleeper Couch Chaise Lounge Chair Adjustable Padded Pillow
$308.99  in stock
as of January 21, 2022 11:29 am

3) Modway Contemporary Modern Couch


Modway EEI-3044 Activate Contemporary Modern Fabric Upholstered Apartment Sofa Couch In White
$708.25  in stock
as of January 25, 2022 9:29 pm

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