How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa – Interior Design Guidelines

Sectional sofas, offering versatile seating arrangements, are increasingly popular in the contemporary home, and with good reason. With options to keep the modular sections as one, or separate into smaller units, there is no end to their talents. Left and right-facing sofas are readily available, in a variety of sizes and with a wide choice of covering materials.

How to Position Your New Sectional Sofa

The sofa is always going to be the largest piece of furniture in any living room, and as such, needs careful planning in terms of its positioning.

Usually, and we find this works for most families, the sofa should face the focal point of the room – generally this is the fireplace or the TV screen, and the room, upon entering should feel balanced. Every layout will be different, but generally, if you place the sofa against one wall, for example, you need something on the other wall to create a sense of balance, whilst still maintaining a central space. If the opposite wall contains the TV screen, then that is an easy solution – the room will have balance, and the sofa will be facing the focal point – perfect!

Another point to consider is the path people will take around your living room furniture. For example, is it an easy route to move from the door to the sofa, or the sofa to the TV? Obviously, this is different for every family’s needs and should be tailored to your own requirements.

With a sectional sofa, unlike a straight-backed velvet couch, for example, there are more placement options. Rather than going for the obvious choice and pushing it into a corner, have a bit of fun and see what works. They can look great in a more centralized position, with the ability, due to their shape, to draw the eye around the room. This allows a sense of space, and movement that’s just perfect for a living room.

Where to Place the Rug with a Sectional Sofa 

If you imagine all the items of furniture in your living room as individual pieces, space can feel disorganized and ‘bitty’, and this is where rugs come in. Yes, we love rugs for their comfort, warmth, and ability to introduce pattern and color, but they also serve another equally important purpose – pulling the separate pieces of furniture together, making a link, and adding to that sense of balance.

A bare floor, with your sectional sofa just sitting there, will cause a subconscious feeling of unease, but place a rug underneath it, especially a large circular one (our eyes love to follow a curve), and the whole thing starts to look better, and more together. Now, think about placing something, maybe a coffee table, overlapping the edge of the rug.  A square or rectangular coffee table would echo the lines of your sectional sofa extremely well. How does that look? We bet it looks great!

For some more great interior ideas, check out this video:

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