What is a Convertible Sofa?

Perfect for fans of home entertaining, or the constantly shifting dynamics of the modern family, convertible sofas, or sleeper sofas, are a great, cost effective way of having a spare bed and sofa rolled into one piece of furniture. Offering a far greater level of comfort than the often deflating air mattress, and being such a space saving option, they are ideal, too, for students, or those with limited space to spare.

Unlike the sleeper sofa of previous generations, the modern version consists of a well made sofa, that to all intents and purposes looks, and feels, just like a regular model, with a secret, hidden bed or futon. Ideally, this should be instantly accessible, and easily pulled, concertina-like, from the inside of the base unit, providing a cosy place to sleep.

What to Look for in a Convertible Sofa?

There are several factors to consider when buying a convertible sofa. First, and probably foremost, is to remember that its main use will be a sofa, and as such, the comfort offered when in this form, is paramount. For initial judging purposes, this is what you should be thinking about – what would you look for in a sofa?

  • A good solid frame
  • Durable fabric
  • Level of comfort offered
  • Size

Next consider what you require from the bed.

  • The mattress should be deep enough that you can’t feel the frame at all. Many models use memory foam mattresses and these are a good alternative to the traditional version, whilst others have an innovative combination of air filled topper along with the regular spring-type base.
  • Check that you have the space available for the fully extended bed; having to move furniture when you’re tired is not a good plan, and defeats the ease offered by a convertible sofa. Many models come with king, or even queen sized mattresses, so this is an important consideration.
  • The mechanism should be smooth and effortless, for both you and the convertible sofa itself. Modern, well made models are designed to have nothing sticking out that could snag on sheets or even cause an injury. The mattress case, made from contemporary materials, eliminates this risk.
  • Some convertible sofas allow the bed linen to remain in situ once the bed is stored back in the sofa base. If this is a feature you like the sound of, then look for that option.

Bear these points in mind and you’ll end up with the perfect convertible sofa.

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