Chic and Sophisticated – Our Favorite Velvet Chairs of 2021

Available in a wide range of styles and colors, from the prettiest pink to a rich deep midnight blue, velvet chairs offer a luxurious plushness that no other fabric can replicate. Hard-wearing, classically good looking, with a touch of enviable decadence, velvet chairs have stood the test of time for both quality and style.

Perfect for any interior, and ideal in bedrooms, as well as the heart of the home, sinking into a comfortable chair, or gorgeous velvet couch at the end of the day always encourages that feeling of well being and warmth.

All of our velvet chairs have been subjected to a barrage of tests to confirm their quality before being featured on our page. These tests include:

  • Value for money – we evaluate the price and balance it against the quality offered, before drawing our conclusions
  • Quality and pile depth of the velvet – offering durability and good looks, the pile depth is an important consideration
  • Workmanship – the chair must be exceptionally well constructed from only the best materials
  • Level of support offered by the stuffing – soft and springy is the way to go
  • Durability – our velvet chairs are designed to last for many years

Velvet is incredibly easy to look after, but if you wish to know more, here are some great hacks to keeping your velvet chair immaculate.

Only the very best make it through our tests and here they are – enjoy!

1) Morden Fort Single Sofa Chair


Morden Fort Single Sofa Chair Tufted Velvet Accent Armchair Set For Living Room
$225.98  in stock
as of January 24, 2022 11:28 am

2) Chairus Velvet Accent Chair

We absolutely love this Chairus Velvet Accent Chair that is perfect for Living Room or Bed Room. It has a unique shape and super-premium upholstery that makes us feel like royalty. It is also great as a vanity chair when you are prepping for an event. It has a super soft cushion and fabric. You can choose from velvet or faux fur whichever makes you feel more chic and elegant. Its petal back design is curved that provides maximum comfort and support. It comes in 10 different colors and a variety of leg and upholstery matches so there is something for any taste.

chairus Velvet Accent Chair for Living Room/Bed Room, Upholstered Mid Century Modern Leisure Arm Chair with Black Metal Legs, Guest Chair, Vanity Chair(Teal Blue)
$165.89  in stock
as of January 25, 2022 6:30 pm

3) Altrobene Accent Arm Chair

Redecorating your room? Reflect your fun yet stylish personality with a modern armchair that is stylish and chic. The Altrobene Velvet Accent Chair can double as a home office chair, dining chair, or even in your living room. Its legs have a golden finish that is beautifully chic and it complements the rich color of its plush cushion and upholstery. It is made of premium velvet that feels luxurious yet modern and chic. Enjoy sitting in this beauty and it is a great accent piece as it has a great pop of color that will instantly level up your room.

Altrobene Modern Velvet Accent Arm Chair Pink with Golden Legs, Living Room Bedroom Dinging Chair
 out of stock
as of January 25, 2022 6:30 pm


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